Saturday's news in 2 minutes

NSW reportedly on the road to legalising gay marriage.





1. NSW appears set to be the first state to legalise gay marriage. Fairfax reports that a cross-party group of MPs have been revising the Same Sex Marriage Bill 2013 with the intention of introducing it in the next session of Parliament.

2. The NSW State Parole Authority has announced that it intends to grant parole to one of the Skaf gang-rapists. 29-year-old Mohamed Sanoussi has been denied parole three times since being imprisoned 13 years ago. The Skaf gang were a notorious 14-man gang, which raped several girls in Sydney in 2000.

3. Huge crowds gathered in Tahrir Square overnight in support of the Egyptian defence minister‘s call for a mandate to end terrorism on the street of Cairo. General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi wishes to put an end to the protests that have been held by Islamist organisation, the Muslim Brotherhood, since former President Mohamed Morsi was ousted earlier this month.

4. Ariel Castro, the man who imprisoned, raped and beat three women in his Ohio home, has pleaded guilty to 937 counts in a deal to escape the death penalty. Castro’s prosecutors recommended that he be sentenced to life without parole plus 1000 years.

5. A Sydney father is still on the run after abducting his own child at knifepoint yesterday. While baby Zhaiden was returned to Campbelltown police station yesterday afternoon, police are still searching for the 24-year-old man. It has now been revealed that the man broke two AVOs put in place to protect the child’s mother, but was never charged.

6. The boyfriend of Melbourne woman, Tracy Connelly, who was murdered last weekend has spoken out. Tony Melissovas told News: “She’s my angel, my beautiful brown-eyed girl. I’ve never loved anyone the way I loved her, and I never will. She was my soul mate. We fell in love from the moment we met each other.” The couple had been together for 19 years.

7. The terminally ill co-creator of The Simpsons has announced that he is giving his entire fortune to charity. Sam Simon, who created the successful series with Matt Groening, was diagnosed with colon cancer five months ago.

8. Hasbro have released a new Monopoly board, designed to fit in with the children of today’s busy schedules and short attention spans. The new Monopoly Empire is takes just 30 minutes to play, even removing the Jail square to keep the game moving quickly.