14 problems only blonde women understand.

It takes dedication to maintain blonde hair. Not only do you have to spend a small fortune covering your roots, you probably own more hair care products than a professional salon. If your colour is natural then your eyelashes are invisible without mascara and your roots get greasy one day after washing.

Ah, the joys of being blonde. Read on for 14 problems only girls with blonde hair understand.

1. The maintenance. Oh, the maintenance.

2. One word: ammonia.

3. Without toner, your hair turns yellow.

4. You can’t dye your hair any other colour without looking sick.

5. People think you’re lying when you tell them your hair is naturally blonde.

6. Your eyelashes are invisible without mascara.

7. Ditto eyebrows.

8. Your hair looks SO much darker when it’s dirty, leading people to ask, ‘Have you done something new with your hair?’ ‘Um, no I just haven’t washed it for days.’

9. It costs $150 just to get your roots done.

10. Swimming in a pool is a terrifying experience because it could turn your hair green at any moment.

11. What happens when you leave it too long in between colour appointments.

12. Your hair is always so dry and coarse it looks like you’ve been showering in bleach.

13. A preview for the future: you can’t find nits eggs when your blonde-haired kids get them.

14. People STILL make blonde jokes…

But it’s not all bad… we definitely have way more fun.

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14 problems only blonde women understand

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