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Nobody panic, but there's a ring on Sam Frost's finger.

No question about it. That’s a ring on that there finger.

The Bachelorette is over, Sasha is Sam’s main man, and we have a lot of feelings.

Sasha Sam Frost instagram
Sam Frost chose construction manager Sasha as her main main. (Screenshot: Network 10)

We’re partly mourning Richie “cool bananas” Strahan. We’re partly ecstatic Frostie has found happiness with strapping Sasha. We’re partly curious about when self-described “family-focused” Sam and Sash will start own brood of miniature beautiful people. We’re partly desperate for Richie to confirm that he’ll be the next Bachelor.

Oh, and we’re a little sad to see nice-guy Michael go too. (But seriously, let’s all just admit we’re on #TeamRichie.)

The point is, the emotional rollercoaster that was The Bachelorette finale week has left us needing a good old lie-down.


So when Sash and Sam posted their very first Instagram selfie last night, there was one little detail that sent us into emotional overdrive.

sam sashs

We don’t want to jump to conclusions, but there is a ring on her finger, people. A ring on her ring finger.

There’s no flashy diamond, and there’s no engagement announcement. But there is a caption saying things like “I finally found the one” and “Sasha Dean, I love you so much”.

So what are you trying to tell us, Sam?

Is a wedding on the horizon? Are you angling for a spin-off series charting your wedding planning adventures (“Bachelorette No More”)?

Or is that slightly mischevious grin a hint that you’re just messing with us?

Didn’t watch the show but want to hear what it was like? Listen to the latest ep of BachChat:

Instagram users are seriously confused.

“RING ON FINGER,” commented @harriet_wynne.

“Ohhhh is that an engagement ring,” asked @shellvitali.

“wtf ????????????????,” wrote keshyw.

Don’t play with our emotions, Sam. We’re unreasonably invested in your love life now, and the thought of bachie nuptials (maybe a lovely open-invite affair at Sasha’s Bowral winery? Just saying…) is almost too lovely to bear.

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