Sasha Obama's name isn't actually Sasha, and the world cannot handle it.


Prepare yourselves, because the biggest scandal to rock the White House has just been exposed.

Forget Watergate, forget Clinton’s affair—and you can definitely forget pretty much everything Trump has done during his first 143 days as US President.

Because it turns out Sasha Obama’s real name is NOT ACTUALLY Sasha and the whole world (read: Twitter) is doing this upon hearing the news:


It all started when “Sasha” (if that is her real name, which we now know it’s not…) celebrated her 16th birthday over the weekend and Twitter was flooded with photos and messages of birthday joy.


But it was this tweet that exposed the biggest (and let’s be real, probably the only) Obama scandal:

Excuse me? What do you mean HER NAME IS NATASHA?!


sasha obama
When the world doesn't even know your real name... Image via Getty.

Apparently, the Obamas use "Sasha" as a nickname for "Natasha." And while news of Sasha's full moniker is news to many, it isn't something that has been kept hidden from the public.

Sasha went by her full name when she held a summer job at Martha's Vineyard last year and she is referred to as "Natasha" on the irrefutable source of knowledge that is Wikipedia.

sasha malia obama name
JOKES ON YOU, WORLD. Image via Getty.

Still, for approximately 3.7 seconds, the world was in full meltdown mode after discovering the TRUE IDENTITY of the youngest Obama daughter.




At least we have each other to help us get through these dark, dark political times...

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