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Bachelor in Paradise's Sasha was shocked American Jared chose Leah over her.

She came, she drank mango daiquiris in the sun, and then she left.

While Bachelor in Paradise’s Sasha Zhuravlyova didn’t even get the chance to nibble on a rose, she has a few things to say about her time in paradise.

Namely, she was… ROBBED.

Robbed of her chance to drink more mango daiquiris in the sun with her mates. Robbed of the opportunity to maybe nibble on a rose or two. And robbed of her chance to yell out ‘FREEESSSSSHHHH MEEEEEEAATTT” when some new blokes entered paradise.

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“It was a lot of sun baking, drinking mojitos and seeing my mates,” Sasha told Mamamia of her time on the show.

“It was very… empty. I was just at the bar drinking free gin and vodka.”

Despite all the mango daiquiri-soaked good times, Sasha believes she was set up to fail from the start.

“I came in really late in the show and everyone had already been coupled up, so yeah, there was no time for me at all,” she explained.

“There was not a single man I was interested in.”

Even American Jared chose Leah over her at her first and only rose ceremony.

“It was very disappointing,” she explained. “During the whole cocktail party Jared was talking to everyone and saying he doesn’t like her and she’s just full of s**t and then he gives her a rose?

“Everyone was like ‘What the hell, why is she getting a rose when you clearly hate her?'”

Sasha believes America Jared only gave Leah the rose because he knew her and he hadn’t yet had the chance to get to know Sasha yet.

While they didn’t really have a connection, if Jared had given her a rose she would have definitely stayed in paradise… if only for the mango daiquiris.

“Of course, I would have stayed just for some free drinks and a bit of sun. That’s all, there was nothing else to do there.”

Same, Sasha, same.

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