Sarah Murdoch is back on the cover of Vogue. At 42.





When Sarah Murdoch landed her first cover of Vogue, it was 1993. She was just 19 years old and the cover line was “Great knits! Great looks!”

Because she was wearing a knitted sweater. Because it was 1993.

Today, the 42-year-old model/mother/complete babe’s 11th Vogue cover is out — and she looks especially heavenly.




Yes, that’s a record.

But this one is particularly beautiful because it’s ballet-themed. See, the extreme loveliness:

Sarah is the Deputy Chair of The Australian Ballet, and she’s bringing her usual philanthropic touch to a program called Out There For Kids.

As she tells the Sunday Telegraph, Sarah has adored ballet since she was a little girl… But she couldn’t afford to see it properly until she was in her 20s. Believing, as she does, that dance is a magical experience for kids, she’s helped set up a program that brings ballet to families who cannot afford it. Kids get to meet dancers, learn basic moves, and play around with costumes.

That’s exactly what Sarah loves about working with the ballet – the pointe shoes, the tutus, the sparkles, and making people’s lives that little bit more romantic.

The new issue of Vogue Australia is out today.

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