Sarah Michelle Gellar went on an outing with her son and of course, the internet flipped out.

“We match,” actress Sarah Michelle Gellar posted to Instagram alongside a photograph of her hand, her daughter’s hand and her son’s hand.

All three of them wearing black nail polish after a treat trip to the manicurist.

It was a sweet, family day out – until it wasn’t, because the internet means we can’t have nice things.

Responding to her post, commenters were quick to hurl accusations at the 40-year-old Buffy, The Vampire Slayer star.

Why? Because apparently little boys aren’t allowed to wear nail polish.

Never mind that anybody with nails (so, everybody) can, in fact, wear polish. And for Rocky, who is five, nail polish likely does not mean anything beyond a fun colour to put on the tips of his fingers. Something novel to do with his eight-year-old sister Charlotte.

He probably giggled as the manicurist tickled his palms, he might have splashed his fingers in the water as they rinsed them off. Scrunched his nose at the funny smell and swung on the salon chairs.

Sarah Michelle Gellar. Instagram.
Sarah Michelle Gellar. Instagram.

But now, something innocent and loving, the making of a memory, has been clouded by the unfair and irrational judgment of others.

People commented Gellar was "brainwashing" her children. That taking her son to the manicurist was teaching negative lessons about gender and sexual identity. Some even equated the salon trip to "child abuse".

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Shouldn't we be celebrating a working mum sharing experiences with her children that are intimate and lovely and memorable? Something real and personal?

Instead, no.

As is always the way with parenting on the internet, everyone's got an opinion.

People are quick to criticise, hiding behind screens and sharing views that have nothing to do with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Nothing to do with her son wearing nail polish, even. But everything to do with their own politics and prejudices.

It's a pity they latched this onto a five-year-old boy who was simply enjoying an outing with his mum and sister.

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