FLUFF: Rare, adorable photographic evidence of Hollywood's most private couple.

Brace yourself.

You’re about to go into ’90s Nostalgia overload.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, 36, and Freddy Prince Junior, 38, have just posted their very first couple selfie. Their first couplie, if you will.

And yes, they’re still married. They just have a special magical superpower: Avoiding the paparazzi and maintaing a harmonious, loving relationship in the otherwise toxic chaos of Hollywood. They’ve been married 12 whole years, which is basically an eternity in that industry.

Sarah’s back on our TV in her show The Crazy Ones, which means she’s ventured out of her marital oasis for a bit of publicity. And she just made all I Know What You Did Last Summer dreams come true with this extremely rare selfie.

This is the message that came with Sarah’s tweet: Now only because this is a special occasion….To all my fans, for your loyalty and support, I thank you. 200,000!!!’

No, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Thank you. Thank you for this glorious, adorable photo of you and your husband.

We have a few questions, if you don’t mind.

1. Can you please post a detailed video tutorial of how to do your braid?

2. Is that a walk-in wardrobe you took this photo in? Can we see more?

3. Did Freddy deliberately match his jumper to his hair?

4. Would you consider adopting us?

For a quick flashback, here’s the couple back in the day, in 2007. This is actually the last time they hit the red carpet together. Since then, they’ve been keeping super-low profiles with their two kids outside of the spotlight. Nicely done, SMG and FPJ.

Nicely done.

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