Sarah Michelle Gellar on why she thinks child acting is so so wrong.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares some strong words on being a child actress.

She was a child star herself, but Sarah Michelle Gellar, 37, has revealed she won’t be encouraging her children to take the same path.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Jr.

When it comes to her two children, Charlotte, 5, and Rocky, 2, with her husband 38-year-old Freddie Prince Jr, the star explains the importance of giving them a normal childhood.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as a child.

Sarah told The Daily Mail, “I think that might be child abuse if I sent my two year old to work. It’s one thing to have a dream and it's another thing to be the child of two actors. I think it puts an extremely different spin on it."

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her daughter Charlotte.

After knowing the pressures of being a young actress in Hollywood all too well, Sarah believes, “They [her children] would have to do it [acting] as an adult.”

Sarah and Freddie's son Rocky.

After the TV show The Crazy Ones, which Sarah co-starred in with the late Robin Williams was axed, she explains, “I'm taking a break right now. Right now it’s just being a mum full time.”

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