FLUFF: See inside Sarah Jessica Parker's real actual home.







As if Sarah Jessica Parker’s life wasn’t jealousy-inducing enough, the 48-year-old Sex and the City star has now given us all a sneak peak at her New York City townhouse.

Yes, all through her house. And we didn’t even have to take our shoes off to get in.

SJP sat down for an intense 73 question video interview with Vogue Magazine… which basically means she invited the whole internet over to her place for a glimpse at the pad she shares with husband Matthew Broderick (AKA Ferris Bueller) and their three children.

Parker is super-intimate in the video and she doesn’t hold back in the slightest as shares her favourite things.

She rates Greece for holiday getaways, loves a good roast chicken dinner and her greatest gifts in life are her children.

But wait, there’s so, so much more.

Check it all out right here right now.

The tour of her West Village home reveals a gorgeous living room stacked with books and her preference for an olive colour scheme. SJP told her well-dressed buddies at Vogue that she would never “voluntarily” leave Manhattan. We’d expect nothing less for the Sex and the City star – to us, she is Manhattan.

And with a home like Sarah’s and Matthew’s, we wouldn’t leave either….

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