Sarah Jessica Parker is having twin daughters. But she’s not pregnant.

News has broken today that Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband are having twin girls in a couple of months via a surrogate.

According to Radar online:

Sarah Jessica Parker wants the world to know she’s having twin daughters via a surrogate mother.She released a statement today because she’s so happy that she simply couldn’t hold back from sharing the news!

Well, not quite.The reason Parker released a statement was because Star magazine is
breaking the story with exclusive details in the issue that goes on
sale Wednesday. When Star called Parker’s representatives for comments,
the “Sex & The City” star decided she’d rather announce it than let
Star have its scoop.

 Parker’s reps released this statement: “Sarah Jessica Parker
and Matthew Broderick are happily anticipating the birth of their twin
daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The
entire family is overjoyed.”

But has learned exclusively that the new issue of
Star magazine will report the surrogate mother is a 26-year-old
divorcee and is nearly seven months pregnant.Star says the woman was paid “tens of thousands” of dollars to carry
the babies and they will be born in Parker’s home state of Ohio.

The couple, who have a son James, 6, decided to take the surrogate
route last year, just weeks after Star broke the news that Matthew had
been cheating with a 21-years-younger redheaded youth counselor. More details are available in Star’s new issue. Who knows? Maybe they even have a photo of the surrogate mother…

Please don't anyone be revoltingly cynical and suggest that she's doing
it because she's too busy or doesn't want to get fat. The woman is 44.
Her husband is 47. She has been very careful with her quotes in the
million interviews she has done when questioned about having kids
(before her son was born 6 years ago) and ever since. I know several
women in their early forties who are struggling with infertility and
looking at the prospect of using a surrogate.

It's not exactly an easy option or something you do without a whole lot of agonising, thought and distress about your infertility. There was a brilliant story in Madison last month where a woman wrote about her experience with a surrogate carrying her son after she had tried many times to get pregnant but had had many miscarriages and was told it was the only way she could have a baby. I can't for a moment imagine carrying a baby – even if the eggs weren't mine – and then giving it away. What an extraordinary thing to do. I just hope SJP's situation doesn't now turn into a circus although it's hard to imagine that not happening. Imagine the photo agency price for the first picture of the pregnant surrogate…..

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