Sarah Harris desperately wants to be a mum.

Sarah Harris opens up about wanting to start a family.

Studio 10‘s Sarah Harris, 33, has a goal already set for next year, to have a baby.

“I desperately want a baby,” Sarah told Confidential.

Sarah was married to her long-time partner, Tom Ward, in July this year and they’ve both talked about starting a family.

Sarah Harris... before she got married!

Apparently, Tom wants at least four kids, while she is happy to start with one sooner rather than later.

“You spend pretty much a lot of your life trying not to get pregnant so it is funny,” Sarah adds.

“You have to be realistic, you have to realise every year that goes by, your chances of falling pregnant shrink smaller and smaller but I’m a pretty happy and healthy girl so we are trying.”

Sarah Harris and Tom Ward were wed in July.

Talk of Sarah's imminent pregnancy was sparked after a psychic recently appeared on a segment of Studio 10 predicting she would have a major project to announce in 2015.

We hope that major project is baby number 1!

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