Sarah Harris has a parenting dilemma and her fans are dishing some divisive advice.

For relatively new mum Sarah Harris, her loyal social media following is proving to be a source of great advice when she has a parenting dilemma.

On Friday, the Studio 10 host took to Instagram to share a common issue for the parents of toddlers: the odd chomp and nibble from a toddler learning how to use their teeth.

“Ignore the hairy legs (seriously, who shaves above the knee anyway) but check out the bite marks inflicted by my toddler,” she wrote alongside an image of the bite marks courtesy of her one-year-old son, Paul.

“Little bugger has just started doing it. He pretends to cuddle my legs.. then CHOMP! It hurts! He’s like a hairless bite-y little puppy. Does anyone else’s kids do this? Any tips to stop my little critter using my legs as teething devices?”

More than 100 fans shared their thoughts on the toddler-dilemma, sharing their advice and sympathising with Harris for her battle scars.

Some offered a bit of validation, that yes, this is totally normal.

“Mine is doing the same and he’s the same age as your little boy. It hurts too,” one wrote.

A few more gave different pieces of advice, from “buying a couple of packets of teething rusks”, “trying to ignore it” or “giving the child some time out”.

But perhaps more interestingly, almost overwhelmingly, so many parents suggested that in their experience, a gentle bite back is the fastest way to teach a child that biting is wrong.

“The only way I could stop my son was by biting him back. He never did it again,” one wrote.


“I know it sounds mean but according to my olds [sic] you bite him back and [they] never do it again,” another added.

“I haven’t read everyone’s posts but everyone will hate my reply. Bite back. I did it once to both my son and daughter who are now non-harmed, fine, healthy children and they never bit again. Yes they cried but they stopped straight away… I had friends try everything else never worked. Love him and bite him back (just once),” another concurred.

Whether or not Harris will take the controversial but popular advice, or keep to dishing out some time out is anybody’s guess.

But one thing all her fans did agree in? Hope that Paul’s biting phase is “short-lived”.

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Do you think you should bite a child back?