Sarah Harris learns own pregnancy from a magazine.

Sometimes magazines share stories that definitely, maybe, a little bit aren’t necessarily very true. To the best of our knowledge, Jennifer Aniston has not given birth to 17 children, while reigniting her relationship with Brad Pitt and fighting with Angelina Jolie.

But sometimes when magazines print stories about local celebrities, the results are slightly more awkward.

On Wednesday morning, Studio 10 co-host Sarah Harris shared the perfect response to a magazine claiming she’s pregnant.

The mum-of-one was scrolling through Facebook when she saw an interesting post from WHO magazine.

Alongside a photo of Harris, the headline read, “Sarah Harris’ exciting baby announcement,” with an added “Congratulations to the Studio 10 host!”

There was just one problem.

Err, really @whomagazine? Have you been speaking to my uterus? That’s news to me! ????

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Harris isn’t actually pregnant. At least, according to her she isn’t. Which in our opinion, is a fairly valid source.

“Err, really Who magazine?” Harris wrote on Instagram, in a post shared with her 45,000 followers.

“Have you been speaking to my uterus? That’s news to me.”

Her fans were overwhelmingly impressed with the star’s quick comeback, with one writing, “twins I heard”.

Listen: Sam Armytage’s underwear is not ‘news’. Post continues after audio.

Others, however, saw a more serious side to the magazine’s false reporting.

“It’s actually cruel and irresponsible,” wrote one Instagram user. “What if you were having trouble conceiving or had just had a miscarriage or many other scenarios.”

“No one, media or someone you simply meet on the street, should ever make this call out loud. Because it can quite possibly bring someone to tears. Be kind!!”

Either way – Sarah Harris isn’t pregnant. But she is quite the sassy social media poster.