Sarah Harris on the perils of weeing during commercial breaks while heavily pregnant.

There’s one thing you need to know about the glamorous world of breakfast television: it’s totally, 100 per cent UN-glamorous.

Just ask Sarah Harris, host of Studio 10, who revealed to Kyle and Jackie O this morning that those pesky two minute commercial breaks can cause a ‘wee’ bit of drama.

Talking about being ‘caught out’ in the bathroom, Sarah recalled her troubles with ducking to the loo while pregnant and filming the show.


“Try being pregnant and constantly needing to wee!” she laughed.

“I would have two minutes, and I’d be in heels, heavily pregnant, and I’d run into the toilet. I’d have to rip down the Spanx, and I’m mic’d up as well, so God knows who is listening to me!”

The potential for people to listen in to what she was doing led Sarah to do something hilarious: pretend to wash her hands.

"There's no time to wash your hands!" admits Sarah. Image via Twitter/Kyle and Jackie O.

"You're kind of shamed into washing your hands, you know? But that is like an extra 30 seconds to wash and dry my hands, so sometimes, I'd just turn the water on. I mean, it's a number one, let's be serious," she said.

"It's going to take a good 10 seconds to wash my hands and then to dry them, I just don't have time for this."

Ah, the art of turning the tap on to cover your lack of hygiene is truly the busy woman's best friend, no?

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Video via Channel 10