The most powerful couple in Australian media don't want you to know they are a couple.

Q&A host Tony Jones was working in Europe as an ABC foreign correspondent in 1992. He needed a researcher to help him on a story. So he hired Sarah Ferguson, the now host of Four Corners.

They met for the first time at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

A year later, they were married.

“It was a ‘there you are – I’ve been waiting for you’ moment,” Sarah Ferguson told Mia Freedman on the latest episode of her No Filter podcast.

It’s a fact not many people know about the award winning journalists, and her journalist husband. And they like it that way.

They’d prefer it if people didn’t know that they were married at all.

“For women you don’t want to be somebody’s husband working in Australia in the media. And I’ve always been very careful not to do that. We’ve had one picture taken together publicly. And I thought afterwards ‘don’t ever do that again. The Australian once suggested that we were a cottage industry fighting a particular cause, and put our images next to each other as if we had been photographed together, and I thought, don’t do that.”Sarah said.

One of the rare photos of the couple together:


The couple have been married for 23 years, and have three sons together aged 24, 19 and 17. The eldest is Sarah’s step son.

“All we do is do our jobs in the best way we can, but I never regard us as a couple doing things. I think media couples look really annoying. They’re not, but they look smug. They look pleased with themselves. And I think that’s deeply irritating to other people so I don’t want to be a couple. And also, our work is individual, and the fact that we both do it is just a coincidence.”

Listen to the full interview with Sarah here: