Man describes the moment he tried to save Sara Zelenak's life in the London attack.

The London man who tried to save 21-year-old Australian Sara Zelenak during Saturday evening’s London terror attack says the knowledge of her death has left him “empty inside.”

Gerard Vowls, who had been at Borough Markets when the attack began, spoke to The Australian.

“Something is pulling on my heart, I am empty inside: what I saw was the worst thing in the world.”

Sara Zelenak.

Zelenak, a Queensland woman who had been living in London and working as a nanny, was murdered by the three terrorists who took to London Bridge and Borough Markets on Saturday evening. She was confirmed dead on Wednesday.

Zelenak was one of eight people and two Australians who lost their lives in the terror attack.

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Recalling his attempt to help her escape to safety, Vowls says he threw beer bottles, pint glasses, bar stools and parts of hire bicycles at the terrorists in an attempt to divert their attention away from her.

“She was crying out ‘Help me! Help me!’ and I tried so hard, screaming to get them to look at me,” Vowls recalled.

He added, “To Sara’s family, I just want to say I am so very sorry for their loss. I really tried to help her and get them to chase me.”

Sara Zelenak. Source: Facebook.

Zelenak was confirmed to be one of the eight victims who lost their lives during the terror attack earlier this week.

Sharing the tragic news via Facebook, her mother, Julie Wallace, wrote to Facebook, "Sara Zelenak is confirmed dead they found her body and has DNA tests confirmed thank you for all the overwhelming love and support from everyone."