Sara-Marie was 22 when she won over Australia on Big Brother. This is her life since.


Reality show Big Brother is returning to our screens this year, and it’s the present we all deserve in 2020.

The show, which ran for 11 seasons, sparked the careers of the likes of Chrissie Swan, Ryan Fitzgerald, Trevor Butler and Skye Wheatley.

But one of the most popular contestants ever, Sara-Marie Fedele from the 2001 season, has stayed out of the public eye for much of the time.

That leads us to believe she might not be doing her famous pyjama-bunny-ears-bum dance anymore, because who would not see that coming down the street?

Well, actually, we do know that as of February 2018, Fedele was still enjoying wiggling her backside on live TV, because she did so in fine form on Studio 10:


Fedele also told the hosts the story behind her legendary bum dance.

“That was to send a signal to my sisters,” she said. “There’s four girls in our family and we used to do that as a joke.

“One sister would get out the bongo drums and I had the biggest bum so I’d move it around. I thought, ‘What could I send a sign to my sisters that I was happy?’ So that’s how that was created.”

Fedele, who was 22 at the time, made it all the way to third place in her season, despite having been nominated for eviction six times previously.

So what did she do after she created one of Australia’s most iconic dances whilst wearing a bunny ears headband to hide her undone hair, jiggling her way into our hearts?

Well, she wasn’t absent from our screens for too long, returning to Celebrity Big Brother the following year, and appearing on season two of Dancing With the Stars in 2005.

It was around that time that Fedele made news for some weight loss and a breast lift surgery; which some media reported as costing in excess of $14,000.

In 2006, she appeared in an episode of Australia’s Celebrity Survivor as a friend of contestant Imogen Bailey, whom she had met on Celebrity Big Brother.


Fedele is also the author of the self-help book, Sara Marie Guide to Life, and has written an advice column for The Daily Telegraph.

Not one to shy away from following what she enjoys, the effervescent Perth woman has also given singing a go, releasing a cover of “I’m So Excited”, with the Sirens. And in collaboration with underwear company Holeproof, the reality star created a pyjama line inspired by her wardrobe on BB.

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And somewhere in all of this, Fedele has hosted various other television shows, and spent time in a career as a model.

As of February 2018, Fedele had a business called Words on Rice, which she would inscribe names or messages on grains of rice for customers.

If you’re thinking the reality star has taken every opportunity and enjoyed her ride, you’re not wrong. Fedele herself told Studio Ten in 2018, “It’s been 17 years so I’ve done a lot.”

According to her profile on her agent’s website, Fedele is currently available for public appearances and guest hosting roles.

Now 41, she is a mum to her four-year-old daughter; whom she most likely has taught the bum dance. We hope.