The boyfriend of a Byron Bay mother accused of murder seen "covered in blood" on night of policeman's death.

On the night Byron Bay mother-of-two Sara Connor allegedly killed a Bali police officer, her boyfriend was seen ‘covered in blood’, a court has heard.

Connor, 46, and her partner David Taylor, 35, are charged with murdering Wayan Sudarsa, whose lifeless body was found in the sand on Kuta beach on August 17.

Victim Sudarsa had 42 separate wounds on his body. At the time police speculated he may have been struck repeatedly with a beer bottle.

Sara Connor in court. Image via Getty

The court heard local shop owner Zaenal saw British DJ David Taylor, Connor's boyfriend, holding a flashlight and that he was "covered with blood" at around 1.45am on August 17 on the road running near Kuta Beach.

The court also heard from the owner of Kubu Kauh Hotel in Kuta, where Connor and Taylor were staying, who claimed police and staff found bloodstains on the towel, bedsheets, floors and stairway to the room. Putu Nita Agustini said they left swiftly at around 7.30pm after claiming a "parent-in-law" had died.

The details come as more information comes to light from a local taxi driver, who claimed he refused to pick Connor up because there was a bloodstain on her clothes, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Gede Suartama told the court a woman asked him to take her to the police station because she had lost her purse and licence.

Taylor's trail will take continue next week, while Connor is expected to face court again on Thursday.