If Santa was a woman could she do the job?

“If Santa was a woman could she do the job?”

That’s the question asked of a group of English children in this social experiment from Anomaly.

Look, we know things are still a bit dire equality-wise, but it’s usually reassuring to know that we are shaping the next generation of kids to think that women can do whatever men can.

Which is why the response from these children is all the more disappointing.

“She would get lost in the sky”, says one little boy, who clearly assumes that female-Santa would somehow have her sense of direction impaired by her ovaries.

“If she had a baby she’d be doing the presents, taking care of the baby, giving it milk,” says another little girl, who at least understands that women get loaded with an unfair share of the domestic labour in the festive season.

“If she had a baby she’d be doing the presents, taking care of the baby, giving it milk.”

Though delivered adorably, these sexist explanations could well have you shaking your head at the state of the world today.

Even if The Lady Claus did happen to get lost for some reason entirely unrelated her to her gender, she’d surely have GPS. I mean, it’s 2015, people.

And to be quite honest, I get the feeling she’s probably a great multi-tasker — plus as Chief Executive Officer of her own global toy-making company, she has a team of elves to delegate her present-wrapping to. Duh.

Luckily, there were a few bright kids leading the charge, confidently declaring that Santa could obviously, totally, of course, be a woman, even if only because she would fit down the chimney more easily (baby steps, I guess?).

To be honest, if a woman can go to the moon or do a bang up job as Prime Minister, I’m pretty sure she could handle delivering a few bloody presents.

“Go lady Santa!”

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