We finally know the secret to Drew Barrymore's new Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet.

When The Binge hosts were teased with the list of Netflix’s 2017 releases late last year, there was one that caught their attention – but not necessarily for a good reason.

Marking Drew Barrymore‘s return to the (small) screen, Santa Clarita Diet sounded like a relatively bland show set in suburban America.

“It is the vaguest premise ever. It’s Drew Barrymore as a married real estate agent and then “something amazing” happens to her and her life makes a dramatic turn,” said The Binge host Laura Brodnik.

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Then a little more information was released, saying it had something to with “death and disaster” but it was also a romantic comedy.

“Do you feel like they haven’t actually written it yet, and they’re just like ‘We’ve got Drew Barrymore attached to the show, let’s just tell people it’s a show where something happens’,” joked Rosie Waterland on The Binge.

Now, the trailer has finally dropped revealing all – and let’s just say the show looks like it’s going to be a bloody good watch.


Image: Netflix

That "something amazing"? Oh yeah, it's just Barrymore (as realtor, wife and suburban mum of two Sheila Hammond) casually waking up to discover her heart has stopped beating and she's developed a taste for human flesh.

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Deciding that she's 'undead' rather than a zombie (that term is "inherently negative") her husband Joel (played by Timothy Olyphant) and two children attempt to maintain a sense of normality, until her overwhelming hunger for the kind of meat you can't buy from the supermarket forces them to take drastic measures.


Image: Netflix

Translation: they become murderers - but only of people that deserve it, of course.

While there's certainly elements of gore, the Netflix original looks set to strike the perfect balance between horror and comedy.

Think The Walking Dead meets Modern Family meets Dexter meets nothing you've ever seen before (i.e not another reboot). Finally!

Santa Clarita Diet premiers on Netflix Friday February 3.