Justine Schofield has designed a range of $6 sandwiches that can be delivered right to your desk.

TV food personality Justine Schofield has designed a gourmet sandwich range to raise much needed funds to help feed the homeless.

If you work in Sydney or Melbourne’s CBD, you would know that there is no limit to what can be charged for a goddamn sandwich. As an avid sandwich eater, I feel pretty pleased with myself if I manage to grab one for less than $12.

But Schofield’s limited edition sandwiches will cost you just half that. $6. That’s a $5 note, and then a $1 coin. Six. Dollars.


Justine Schofield hosts the cooking show ‘Everyday Gourmet’. Image via Instagram. 

Mamamia spoke to Schofield about the ‘Say it with Sandwiches‘ initiative, which she describes as a “smart, quirky way to feed the homeless.”

We asked the ex-MasterChef contestant what the secret is to the perfect sandwich, and she explained that there are two key elements. The first is fresh, good quality ingredients. And the second is condiments. Schofield is personally a big fan of mayonnaise, chutney and mustard. But not all on the one sandwich, of course.


#GOODMORNING A photo posted by Justine Schofield (@justineschofield) on Aug 13, 2016 at 6:17pm PDT


Schofield is a sandwich connoisseur. Image via Instagram. 

As someone who literally manages to burn pasta (I actually didn’t know that was possible until last week) I couldn’t help but ask about the biggest sandwich making error, to which Schofield replied with one, simple word. “Overfilling”. She explained “You don’t want to overdo it”, there’s nothing worse than not being able to get your mouth around an overloaded, yummy sandwich.

There are five different sandwiches available, personally designed by Schofield herself. They include a smoked salmon wrap, pulled pork with cabbage and mayonnaise, antipasto, a vegetarian option with caramelised onion, pumpkin and plenty of avocado, and Schofield’s personal favourite, the chicken schnitzel.

For those of us who are picky eaters, there is also an option to design your own.


Every sandwich is made with Helga’s bread, and fresh ingredients.


Helga’s week-long initiative encourages us to “show how much you care for someone special by sending them a limited edition Helga’s sandwich.” But nothing is stopping you from buying a cheeky sandwich for yourself…

Watch Justine Schofield demonstrate how to make the perfect burrito. Post continues below. 

Video by Network Ten

Most importantly, all proceeds will be donated to Foodbank. CEO Brianna Casey says, “We’re hugely grateful for the donations that ‘Say it with Sandwiches’ will achieve. With a goal to help provide over 10,000 meals for people that are doing it tough, this is the perfect occasion for people to show how much they care for those close to them, whilst also supporting a much bigger cause.”

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation. They provide food which provides 166,000 meals a day to over 2,400 charities. You can get involved or make a donation, here.

Can confirm, they are very yummy. Image supplied.

Orders are being taken this week in Sydney. Next week, it's Melbourne's turn.

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