Journalist Sandra Sully found her photo on a guy's Tinder profile. She wasn't pleased.

Queen of Channel 10 and veteran of the news cycle Sully, 51, is one of the most recognisable faces on our small screen.

So with that in mind, it might be no surprise that someone would, hypothetically, use a photo with her well-known face to their advantage.

Perhaps, say, on a platform like Tinder.

For Fox Sports presenter and reporter Matt Suleau, this might have been his thought process. What better way to illustrate you work in well-known circles than putting a selfie of yourself with a notable journalist as your Tinder profile picture?

Great to catch up last night @shortblack_ #dallym

A photo posted by MATT SULEAU (@mattsuleau) on

So he reportedly did just that. Alas, it didn’t take too long for the photo to be noticed by Sully and it’s understood she has swiftly asked for the photo to be taken down.

Pedestrian are reporting that Sully asked Suleau on Friday morning to take down a photo in a now-deleted tweet.

“Hi Matt – a friend tells me our Dally M shot is your Tinder profile pic. If so – could you take it down pls. Ta SS,” she reportedly wrote.

It is unclear which photo Sully was referring to, however, it appears Suleau did upload a photo of the duo on Instagram at last month’s Dally M awards.

What the entire ordeal does teach us, though, is that a) you don’t mess with Sandra Sully (and rightly so) and b) it’s probably a better idea to try to land new Tinder dates using your own face… and nobody else’s.

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