Sandra Sully was shamed for the dress she wore to deliver the news and... no.

Channel Ten newsreader Sandra Sully has responded to a viewer who criticised the outfit she wore while presenting the evening news on Monday night.

A viewer decided to hop on Twitter to tell the 54-year-old that she thought her red dress was “inappropriate”.

“I’m sorry [Sandra Sully] I’m all for liberation and women feeling good about themselves etc etc etc but really???? Maybe save this inappropriate newsreading dress for the red carpet,” the woman wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

The image the viewer posted of Sandra (L) and the dress on another angle (R). Image: Twitter

Sully has no doubt heard variations of these complaints throughout her career, but that didn't mean she was about to let the woman go unchecked.

In a tweet, the journalist challenged the comment, asking why she "really" cared about such an insignificant detail.

"You know…not every angle is perfect, I get that," she wrote.

"But in the entire bulletin when there are a million other things to think about …you focus on one poor angle. Really?"


A reminder that yesterday's news included a tornado causing at least 23 deaths in Alabama, continued coverage of the bushfires in Victoria and the sad reports of country music singer Kate Cook's death.

We shouldn't be surprised Sandra Sully refused to be shamed for her outfit choice. Sully, who identifies as a feminist, has in the past been vocal about gender equality, and recently penned a coffee table book of interviews with Australian women, Agenda: Empowering Australian Women.

"I've always been a passionate feminist and I wanted to find out what's relevant to Australian woman specifically," she told NewsCorp's Stellar in an interview published on Sunday about her new book.

"I wanted to know what we are doing well and how we can change things.

"I hope this book captures what we need to change."