Tuesday's news in under 5 minutes.

1. School holiday sand dune death

Tragic sand dune death.



A school holiday tragedy with the death of a 10-year old boy after a sand dune collapsed on top of him at Terrace Beach in Ben Boyd National Park on the NSW South Coast.

Fairfax Media reports that the young boy had been digging in the sand when a dune collapsed, crushing him beneath he went into cardiac arrest and was unable to be saved.

2. Call to attack Australians

In a concerning development Islamic State have released a statement calling for its followers to attack citizens of Australia, the US, France and other allies who have formed a coalition to fight the militant group.

Fairfax Media reports that the statement specifically mentions Australia three times while calling for followers to attack civilians of these countries by any means possible.

“Do not ask for anyone’s advice and do not seek anyone’s verdict. Kill the disbeliever, whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling. Both of them are disbelievers.”

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3. Terror laws

Senator George Brandis will introduce today a further range of anti-terrorism laws targeting Australians who fight with or support terrorist groups overseas.

Mr Brandis said yesterday that he is confident Labor will pass the laws when they are brought before the Senate today.


4. Lockhart Funeral

The Hunt family funeral is today.

Kim and Geoff Hunt and their three children have been farewelled at a funeral in Lockhart, in south-west NSW.

Mr Hunt shot his wife and three children Fletcher, 10, Mia, 8, and Phoebe, 6 on September 10 before turning the gun on himself.

Ms Hunt’s sister Jenny Geppert was the first to arrive at the cemetery this morning with her husband Mark, and she wrapped her arms around each of the five coffins at the service, the Daily Mail reports.

Ms Geppert has previously said she doesn’t ‘blame’ Mr Hunt for the murder-suicide.

“All I feel is sadness and the terrible loss of a most amazing family,” she said earlier this month. “I still love Geoff as much as I ever have and I always will.”

5. Climate change summit

The UN Climate Change summit will get underway this evening in New York with 120 heads of state and government to attend the meeting.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will represent Australia.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott who will be in New York for a sitting of the Security Council the next day is not attending.

The Washington Post reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who together lead more than 2.5 billion people are also skipping the one day summit.

Organisers hope the summit will finalise a new global deal for combating global warming.


6. Royal Commission into sexual abuse

The Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse has heard that Stolen Generation Children were chained, sexually abused and beaten till they bled at the Retta Dixon Home for children and young women which operated between 1946 till 1980 at Darwin’s Bagot Aboriginal community.

The inquiry will hear evidence from 18 witnesses during its two-week hearing in Darwin.

Yesterday the hearing heard evidence about a known sexual abuser, Don Henderson, who was prosecuted twice for sexual offences in 1975 and in 2002 but both times the prosecutions were dropped reports The Australian.

The inquiry continues today.

7. Call to ban alcohol on planes

Should alcohol be banned on planes?

Drug Arm Australasia has called for planes to be alcohol free zones after another mid air incident involving a drunken passenger on the weekend which saw a plane bound for Bangkok diverted to Cairns.

A spokeswoman for Drug Arm Australasia told News Limited that “The non-supply of alcohol on flights would reduce the risk and harms associated with alcohol use and increase the safety of both passengers and crew.”

Qantas and Virgin Australia have said that their service of alcohol is responsible.

8. Pregnant women whooping cough vaccine

Health authorities in Queensland have expressed concern that pregnant women are being vaccinated against whooping cough after a disappointing number of women took up the offer of a free whooping cough vaccine this year.


News Limited report that fewer than 400 women had the free vaccine. A public awareness campaign will now take place to ensure women are aware of the importance of the vaccine.

9. Brownlow Medal

West Coast Eagles Matt Priddis has taken home the Brownlow Medal.

Matt Priddis is the first player ever to win a Brownlow after being drafted as a rookie.

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10. Date rape victims targeted and colour coded

A US college’s fraternity is under investigation after putting date rape drugs, thought to be rohypnol into drinks at a party – and marking the victims with red or black crosses on their hands.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity threw a party where three women and one man ended in hospital according to the Journal Sentinel. 

11. Mother told C-section ‘not a real operation.’

She was told it was just pressure.

A mother in New Zealand has been in such pain during her caesarean section that her legs had to be held down.

The anesthetist has now been criticised by a health watchdog for a “striking lack of empathy”.

The woman who complained to the anesthetist that she was in pain was told it was “just pressure and that it would soon be over”.

The first-time mother aged 26 at the time said her pain was very real and “of a totally unacceptable level during abdominal surgery” The New Zealand Herald reports that when the procedure was finished the anesthetist commented he was about to do a “real” operation.


The mother told him “This feels pretty damn real to me”.

The anesthetist may face legal action.

12. Pre-school teacher bit 13-month old student

A pre-school teacher in the US has been arrested after biting a 13-month old boy who had bitten another teacher – and the day care franchise owner has also been charged with failing to report the assault to authorities.

WJLA reports that Theresa Elaine Brown, 24, was charged with assault and battery.

13. Why you are in a bad mood for 10 days a year?

68% of men zone out when their partner is cranky.

A study has shown that women are generally in a bad mood for 10 days a year and in a quarter of the cases their partner was the reason.

The study, published in The Daily Mail showed that key triggers were being undervalued by their partner, struggling to keep up with the housework and having too much to do.

The top five reasons women said put them in a bad mood were being overweight, their partner not listening, feeling under the weather, the weather itself, not having enough money and technology such as the internet crashing.

The study showed that the majority of women said a couple of hours alone was enough to lift their unhappiness, while for 1 in 5 hanging out with their kids helped.

68% of men said they zoned out when their wife or girlfriend was feeling low.


14. Rejected: The Giant Dim Sim tribute

Why not have a giant Dim Sim tribute in Melbourne?

A group of advertising student’s great idea to have a tribute built to the dim sim in Melbourne has been rejected by the Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle.

The students from RMIT started a petition to have a giant Dim Sim built – much like the giant pineapple. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has said the idea will not see the light of day in Melbourne.

Cr Doyle wrote to the students saying “How could we honour the dim sim while snubbing the spring roll and samosa? And the chiko roll? People would surely revolt!”

“You assert that we need a tribute to the introduction of Chinese food to Australia. I disagree: have you been to Chinatown lately?

“What’s next? A monument to moussaka, a shrine to sauerkraut, a reliquary for Rogan Josh or a market to minestrone?

“I gratefully accept the dim sim you have so generously placed in my hands and graciously return it, a little colder, a tad soggier and with the addition of soy sauce, and bid to you siu mai (good day).”

15. Rozelle store owner charged

The owner of the Sydney convenience store that was destroyed by a fire on September 4 has been charged.

Adeel Khan, 44, was arrested this morning at his hospital bed and charged with three counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder and three counts of manslaughter as well as charges relating to the damage of property.

The fire killed three people including Bianka O’Brien, 31 and her baby son Jude. Their neighbour Chris Noble, 27, also died in the Rozelle fire.


Police will likely allege evidence found at the crime scene led to today’s charges, 9News reports.

“This has been a complex, tedious and exhaustive investigation for police,” Detective Superintendent Murray Chapman said.

Mr Khan was refused bail by a magistrate in a bedside hearing today.

16. Student allegedly used as “bait” to catch school rapist

A student with special needs was allegedly raped after being persuaded to act as “bait” to catch a rapist.

News Corp reports the 14-year-old girl told a teacher’s aide at Alabama’s Sparkman Middle School that a 16-year-old special needs classmate had asked her for sex in the bathroom.

The teacher’s aide, June Simpson, allegedly encouraged the girl to catch the boy “in the act” by getting the girl to wait for him in the school bathroom.

But the plan went horribly wrong when the students went to a different bathroom to that planned — and the boy allegedly raped the girl, CNN reports.

The case was investigated but resulted in no charges, according to CNN.

The girl’s family have since filed a federal lawsuit against the boy, school administrators, the teacher’s aide and the school board, CNN reports.

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