"I got Kanye'd big time." Samuel Johnson on the unexpected Molly Meldrum moment.

It was the Logies moment nobody saw coming: music industry legend Molly Meldrum crashing Gold Logie winner Samuel Johnson’s acceptance speech.

As Johnson was starting to thank his family and friends, Molly stole the show, recounting stories of how Samuel first contacted him after scoring the lead role in the mini-series being made about him.

Samuel Johnson Molly Meldrum on logies stage
Molly ended his speech by giving Samuel Johnson his own "Molly" hat. Image via Channel 9.

Molly's speech ended with him praising Samuel for his work on the Molly mini-series - which also earned him the Best Actor award - crowning the actor with his very own gold cowboy hat.


Molly appeared to miss all cues from the Logies show manager and even other celebrities to let Samuel continue on with his acceptance speech.

News Corp reports the show's floor manager was "crouched on all floors" trying to get Johnson or the show's host Dave Hughes to interrupt Molly's tale.


They also report that Today show presenter Richard Wilkins, who was waiting in the wings while the show wrapped, also tried to make his way on stage to stop 74-year-old Meldrum.

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Now, the morning after the bizarre incident, Samuel Johnson has said he took no offence to Molly's 'interruption', and says the star - who is close to his family - "meant well".


Speaking to WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda, the Gold Logie winner said he was "really flattered" by Molly's kind words after he "got Kanye'd big time".

Samuel Johnson logie awards 2017
Despite his original confusion, Sam says he is "flattered" by Molly's words on stage. Image via Getty.

"I've listened back to what Molly said a few times, to try and work it out, and he was talking about my dad who's died - they were drinking buddies - and he was talking about my sister who he visited in hospital when she was 11," he said.


"He really meant well.

"Whether it's a combination of the brain injury and the alcohol or even indeed age itself, he's getting harder to understand."

samuel johnson as molly meldrum
Samuel Johnson played Molly Meldrum in a TV mini-series. Image via Channel Seven.

Johnson joked that Molly's slurred speech paired with him being "half deaf" makes them "quite the pairing".

"We're such a classic couple, we're hopeless," he said.


It's a sentiment that Sam echoed when he spoke to KIIS 1065's Kyle & Jackie O, saying that he only won the Gold Logie because of Molly so "he can do whatever he wants".

"When I deciphered his speech afterwards, I realised that he was coming from a really, really sweet place," he said.

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