Samuel Johnson has revealed fascinating details about his family life in an emotional post.

Five years ago, Aussie actor Samuel Johnson and his sister Connie made the decision to go public with Connie’s cancer diagnosis.

It led them to raise millions of dollars for breast cancer research, break a world record for uni-cycling and yet the actor claims they’re “the boring ones” in their family.

To celebrate their charity project Love Your Sisterreaching 350,000 followers on Facebook, Johnson decided to share some details about his clan “because life’s too bloody short”.

Johnson shared a picture clipped from a 70s newspaper, showing his dad holding his other sister Hilde, while his mother was out playing pool.

It was accompanied by the headline: “Dad is quite at home holding the baby”.

“My mum was one of the first women to go and shark the fellas in men-only bars. My dad was stay at home before the term was coined. And mum and dad were both bi-sexual. Looking back, I suppose we were fairly progressive. I like to think we still are,” he wrote in the Facebook post.

“Mum and dad have both had their time here and I can only imagine what they might make of all this Love Your Sister nonsense.”

He confided that Connie was back in hospital in Canberra, fighting cancer for the third time.


Samuel and Connie. Source: Facebook

His other sister was likely making her way home from a 12 hour shift, he said.

"I'm sitting in my bush shack staring at old clippings and realising how f-cking lucky I am. We're mostly dead and half on our knees, but I'll be f-cked if this family hasn't epitomised what family should be. Out and fucking proud."

He finished with a call to arms for action on gender equality and same sex marriage:

"Hurry up government people, we were on to this shit decades ago."

Who could forget Johnson's recent role as Molly Meldrum? 

Feature image: Love your sister