There's a big problem with one of the most popular emojis, and nobody noticed until now.

These days, emojis have become almost as common as punctuation marks — but how closely are we looking at what we’re sending?

Apparently, Samsung users aren’t paying much attention at all.

As New York Magazine reports, the company Unicode Consortium decides which emoji make it to our keyboards but it’s up to individual platforms to choose how they will be shown.

For instance, the emoji frog looks like a little toy on the iPhone keyboard, but decidedly older and seedier in Facebook Messenger.

The iPhone's frog on the left, Facebook Messenger's on the right. Source: Original Image.

In the case of the crossing fingers emoji, however, the difference is a little more perplexing.

The winky-faced brains behind Emojipedia published a little guide on how the hand symbol rolled out across each platform. And if you look closely at Samsung's version, you'll notice something unusual...

Yep, there are six fingers on that hand.

This understandably raised a lot of concerns for users: firstly, how would they make use of five-fingered discounts and would the luck of the crossed fingers be cancelled out by the additional finger?

Other users referenced the reports of Samsung devices unexpectedly exploding.

"A spare finger for when your phone blows up," one user said.

The extra digit could be a hiccup, or perhaps the designer behind it was Inigo Montoya a huge Princess Bride fan.

Have you ever noticed this?

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