Sick of waiting for the perfect partner? Marry yourself instead.


Sammy Power fell head over heels – with herself.




Former radio presenter Sammy Power married herself on Saturday night, in a lavish and glorious wedding featuring a ring bearer dressed as cat.

Power decided to marry herself to mark not only her 50th birthday, but also a year of major transformation that saw her lose more than half her body weight.

After quitting drinking and smoking a year ago, Sammy told The Daily Telegraph, “I feel mentally clear now — I wasted so much time thinking I was fat and obsessing over small things.’’

The wedding took place in Noosa and was attended by an interesting mix of 200 guests, including Rugby League great Darren Lockyer and former Big Brother announcer Mike Goldman. Guests were asked to dress ‘over the top’ and trophies were handed out to people who have played an important role in Power’s life.

The bride wore a yellow puff-sleeved gown straight from a Disney movie and the bridesmaids – her sisters – wore similar gowns in blue.

Although marrying oneself may seem like the ultimate gesture of giving up on love, Power insists that her wedding wasn’t about accepting that she’ll never find a man, but about celebrating herself and her newfound sense of self worth.

“I’ve never thought this before the wedding but I thought to myself, ‘You’re pretty great’,” she said.

“Yes, I’m going home alone but when the right person comes along, they are going to be with someone pretty amazing — I’m ready to meet the right person.”

And to that we say: BRAVO SAMMY POWER!

Let’s hope this kicks off an amazing trend of women falling head over heels in love with themselves and throwing weddings to prove it.


What do think about the idea of ‘marrying yourself’? Would you ever meet yourself at the alter?