Same-sex couples who married overseas to get instant recognition in Australia.

Well, here’s some bloody good news for your Sunday.

As you already know Senator Dean Smith’s marriage equality bill was passed through the Senate earlier this week.

Now the bill just has to be passed through the House of Representatives next week – and, if it does, same-sex couples could have an additional reason to celebrate.

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You see, the bill will erase the ban on same-sex marriages that occurred overseas being recognised here in Australia. Under the bill, same-sex couples who wed in other countries will be instantly recognised under Australian law.

So, some ~ very ~ happy couples could wake up to find themselves legally married this week, with no further hurdles to clear.

Anna Brown of the Australian Human Rights Law Centre told Fairfax this week that once the bill is passed, thousands of same-sex couples will be instantly married under Australian law.

“There’ll be no need to register your overseas marriage or take any steps – the recognition will simply follow the law coming into effect. Regardless of whether you were married in 2007 or you’re planning to get married in 2018, your marriage will be recognised,” Brown said.

Almost 1000 same-sex Australian couples have tied the knot in New Zealand since 2013 and many more have wed in the US, Canada and the UK.

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