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Two people. Same parents. TOTALLY different.


Two kids. Same parents. Same upbringing. Poles apart!

You would think two children, born to the same parents, brought up the same way and in the same home, would turn out pretty similar. At least that’s what I used to think. Oh, how wrong I was!

One kid would like to go through life only eating meat. The other would choose vegetables. If I make a meat and veg type meal they will try to trade their lamb for peas when I’m not looking. One kids loves rice and the other cannot stand it. One loves bananas and they make the other gag. One begs me for sardines on toast for breakfast and the other can’t even be in the same room as sardines.

One of our boys has spent the last 8 years of his life drawing at every opportunity. He can draw a dragon/monster creature in all its glory like no one else can. The detail he puts into the talons, scales and fire is incredible. If he doesn’t end up in a creative job I’ll eat my hat. Our other son however still has trouble drawing stick figures and has about as much patience for drawing as I have for ironing.

One of our kids likes to nude up all the time. He has absolutely no shame. Gets his kit off even just to watch telly. I haven’t seen my other son in all his glory in years. He’s Mr Modest and he’s staying that way.

The differences don’t end there. One son runs to a ringing phone to hopefully have a long chat to whoever is calling. God help the telemarketers when he answers the phone.  The other is a man of very few words. Getting him to chat on the blower, or even in person, is akin to pulling teeth. So, so different.

If I wear a new top or even just trim my hair, one of my sons will notice and comment (which can be quite annoying when I’m trying to let a new pair of shoes slip under the radar). My other son though wouldn’t notice if I was wearing a clown suit.

One of our kids can sing in tune and is generally very musical and theatrical. The other, not so much. The one that can sing has developed a love of big 80’s rock anthems like Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer. His brother is into punk. Both however share a dislike of my Adele CD.

One of our boys is super organised and will remind me that it’s pizza day at school so no need to make lunch. He’ll pack his bag and knows where he left his school shoes the day before. Our other son spends twenty minutes each morning wandering around in a daze trying to remember how to get ready for school, which is of course super fun.

One of my kids can look me straight in the eye and tell a big fat lie. The other one has never told a lie, ever.

How different are you to your siblings? Do you know people in the same family who are poles apart?

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