She's a mother of two. A media personality. And a sex worker.

Amanda Goff, AKA Samantha X. (Screenshot via Sunday Night.)



The former husband of Sydney escort and former journalist Amanda Goff has spoken out, calling her revelation on Seven’s Sunday Night program a “disgrace”.

David Basha, a banker, told the Daily Mail: “It’s a disgrace. I have had to explain to my kids what’s going on.”

“I’m a good dad. I want to leave my kids out of this…I’m worried about my family, I just really want to leave my kids out of this,” he said.

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Amanda Goff is a mother of two and a former magazine journalist who has worked at New Idea and InStyle.

She’s also a sex worker who earns up to $5000 per night to service men in her Sydney apartment — and she insists her lifestyle poses no threat to her children’s wellbeing.

“Children are teased mercilessly every day and their mother does not have to be working in the sex industry,” the 40-year-old Sydney media identity told Seven’s Sunday Night program.

“I think the world is changing. My kids are in classes with kids that have gay parents, lesbian mothers, they’re not ridiculed,” she said.

Ms Goff, known as Samantha X to her clients, revealed on the show that she began working at a Sydney bordello in 2012, and started out on her own 18 months later. 

(Screenshot via Sunday Night.)

Speaking on Sunday Night to promote her new book Hooked – Secrets of a High-Class Escort, Ms Goff claimed she had learned “a lot about marriage from the man’s point of view” on the job.

“(The men) say they are not listened to, they aren’t heard,” she said.

“When you take a vow of marriage, men keep to it, they provide. Women need to keep to their side to the bargain,” she said.

“I feel for men, I feel they don’t have anyone to talk to.”

Goff added that her London-based parents no longer speak to her after she revealed her double life to them last year.


And since last night’s show, Ms Goff has drawn criticism on social media — with some Twitter users voicing concerns that the interview could expose her children to playground bullying.

Twitter user Sian questioned how Ms Goff could “think her kids aren’t going to get bullied for coming out as a prostitute”.

“Selling your body for money is one thing, but humiliating your kids for a high-profile interview is disgusting,” Cass Stanghi tweeted.

Aletha McHalick wrote: Is it worth ruining your children’s school experience for a pair of Chanel shoes?”

(Screenshot via Sunday Night)

“Amanda isn’t thinking of her kids. She wants validation at any cost,” Cathy Crawley said.

Ms Goff, who shares custody of her children with her former partner — and spends a week as full-time mother and the next week working as ‘Samantha X’ in her CBD apartment — took to social media to defend herself.

In a statement posted on the Sunday Night Facebook page last night, Ms Goff said she wanted to clarify “a few things that were edited out on TV”.

“Regarding my children. They are very little (under 7),” she wrote.

“I have been seeing a child psychologist for a year now and speaking to her about what to tell the kids and when, and I can assure you all that they are fine and will be OK.”

She added on last night’s program that most of the parents at her children’s school knew about her job, and that she volunteered at the school tuckshop.

“I don’t think it’s such a big bloody deal,” she said. “I know my kids love me, warts and all.”

What was your reaction to the interview? Are you worried about how the revelation will affect Ms Goff’s children?

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