This Instagram account will make you feel really inadequate.

It’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Samantha Lee has taken food porn to the next level – by making it cute and oh, so edible.

The Malaysian mother of two daughters, has become a star on the social media site with a following of over 646,000.

Why? Because she posts picture of food that looks like this:

Sandy and Danny from Grease. Obvs.

And this.

This should be framed.

That's why.

Her culinary creations are influenced by everything from pop culture to children s books.

"I've never been to any cooking class or training before. I'm a very ordinary stay at home mum," she told "I didn't expect it to grow so much. I'm thankful for what is happening to me at the moment."

Samantha Lee. Image via Instagram.

Samantha began creating the adorable meals nearly six years ago, just before her oldest daughter turned 2. Samantha decided that shaping the food into cute figurines while telling stories with it on her daughter's plate would encourage her to eat more independently.

Check out some of Samantha's creations below. You can find her on instagram here. Which is your favourite?

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