Definitive proof it is not a good idea to mess with Samantha Armytage.

Samantha Armytage swiftly fought back against a nasty dig from Sportsbet after they criticised Sunrise‘s coverage of the Olympic Games.

In a tweet posted from the Sportsbet Twitter account early on Wednesday morning, the betting company accused Armytage and co-host David Koch of failing to report on the latest Olympic news.

“Channel 7 rolling with the hard-hitting news instead of the Matildas and Sam Stosur,” read the caption, accompanied by an image of Armytage and Koch laughing while discussing the topic of ‘matchmaking made easy.’

Some Twitter users agreed with the sentiment of Sportsbet’s tweet, replying “worst show on TV,” and “that’s why they are the Olympic channel .”

There was only one problem.

The photo of the Sunrise hosts was over a year old. And Armytage wasn’t going to be mocked by an intentionally misleading image.

So she tweeted a reply to Sportsbet.

“That clip from last year,” she wrote.

“Maybe turn on your tv TODAY .. We’re covering Stosur & Matilda’s non-stop.”

She then posted a picture of her in the outfit she actually wore on Today.


“Heh @sportsbetcomau .. This is today’s outfit,” Armytage tweeted.

“This is today’s outfit. Stop spouting rubbish and running clips from 12 months ago. #fail.”

Given that Armytage was clearly correct, Sportsbet gave her a half-hearted apology.

“Sorry , you got us. We pulled this from our file marked: Kochie’s all time most shocking ties,” they said.

Indeed, Kochie is wearing a truly disturbing tie.



Of course, some people on Twitter are of the opinion that the truth doesn't really matter anyway. One person has tweeted Armytage saying "so it was an old photo... the content of the tweet is still funny."

She's simply responded: "no it's just wrong."

We're with you, Sam.

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Feature image via Twitter