Sam Armytage's cryptic, cosy Instagram photo leaves fans convinced she has a new man.

If you’re a fan of Sunrise, or even if you only tune in once in a blue moon, you’ll know that co-host Samantha Armytage’s relationship status always seems to be a topic of discussion.

Paparazzi photos and headlines claiming she’s ‘found love’ or is hiding a ‘secret engagement’ are frequently splashed on the covers of gossip magazines across the country.

Now, the 40-year-old TV presenter has taken matters into her own hands, poking fun at the rumour mill constantly surrounding her private life.

The star posted a photo of herself looking cosy with fellow Sunrise presenter Shaun White, captioning the snap “this’ll get them talking”.

What are we searching for Prawn-Man??? ???? #thisllGetThemTalking ???????? #xmasparty2016 @swhite000

A photo posted by Samantha Armytage (@sam_armytage) on


As she predicted, her fans were quick to take the bait, asking Sam if there was something going on between her and her co-worker.

“Looking very cosy … something we should know?” asked one, while another wrote, “definitely chemistry and definitely together”.

“I’m so confused are you together? I need to know,” said another.

Even Armytage’s coworkers got in on the action, writing cheeky comments to further fuel the rumour fire.

“You two are so good together,” Sunrise entertainment reporter Edwina Bartholomew wrote.

The only problem? The duo were just having a laugh: White and Armytage are 100 per cent just mates and were simply having a friendly chat at a Christmas gathering when the photo was snapped.

Celebrating 2016 with Sammy girl So much love for you sista @sam_armytage #xmasparty

A photo posted by Shaun White (@swhite000) on


White posted his own version of the snap, writing, “So much love for you sista”.

“So much right back at you Prawn Man,” Armytage commented.

What’s more, comments are suggesting that White is also currently in a relationship – but Mamamia could not confirm this at the time of publishing.

If there’s one thing we can learn from this it’s that Armytage will update us on her relationship status if and when she is ready.

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