Samantha Armytage: Being a teenager can be 'bloody awful'.

Samantha Armytage is no stranger to getting bullied by the media.

Despite her general levels of human excellence, 37-year-old Sunrise co-host is often picked on by the media for her curves. And in an interview with the TV Guide, Samantha revealed that she struggled with her body image as a teenager.

‘If you’re not entirely beautiful and stick thin, like I wasn’t, it can be bloody awful,’ said Sam.

To help out those struggling teenagers, Sam has written a book on positive body image, Shine, which is due for a November 25th release.

“It’s about girls looking out for themselves, standing up for themselves. It’s some philosophy, some things I’ve learnt along the way, a bit of a guide to life. It’s kind of musings, a few funny anecdotes — it’s a good fun, sisterly kind of book. It’s really sort of aimed at younger women because it’s a terrible time, your teenage years,” she told Perth Now

“Like every girl I had insecurities — you’re not really at your prettiest point sometimes in your teenage years. And the girls who are at the prettiest point at their teenage years have probably peaked, so there’s much more fun for the rest of us.”

Last month, Sam hit back at a newspaper that published a bunch of unflattering photos of her. During a Sunrise episode, she vented her frustration, with ‘I don’t know if it’s trying to bully me into an eating disorder or shame me for being a size 12.’

Sunrise hosts Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr

It was an article by Sydney Confidential that attacked Sam’s dress style, blaming her image for the low ratings of the short-lived make-over television show Bringing Sexy Back that Armytage hosted. Some of the photos were five years old, before she had even started co-hosting Sunrise.

Her co-host Natalie Barr backed her up: ‘I think it’s bullying – I think it’s really tipped the scales. It’s over the top and really, really rude.’

And so did Kochie: ‘None of us pretend to be supermodels on this show, we’re just ordinary people of different shapes and sizes.’

Sam finished with ‘I’ve never said I was a model, I’ve never pretended I’m skinny, I do the best I can with what I’ve got and I work really hard at it because I have to.’

If Sam’s new book is anything like her, it will be bright, sunny and smart. Good on you, Sam.

Sam Armytage. Gorgeous, even with a moustache:

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