Bachelor Sam Wood has a new celebrity training buddy.


Celebrities. They’re just like us.

At least, they’re just like how we will be tomorrow. Embracing barre class (whatever that is), saying no to sugar, complex carbs and leftover champagne (leftover champagne? Who are we kidding?).

Picture Julia Morris, one of our most favourite TV people, killing it at the gym this week. That’s right, the week between Christmas and New Year, when technically there is no need to exercise because all your health “sins” will be washed away on the stroke of midnight tonight.

Julia out the front of Sam’s Melbourne gym. Image via Instagram @ladyjuliamorris.

Still, if we had Lady J-Mo’s motivation to get to the gym, we might have made time for it this week, too.

We’re not talking about her turn on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, which she’ll be back hosting in the South African jungle in February. She could do that in a mu-mu and bed-hair and we’d still love her.

No, we’re talking about her personal trainer. Behold:

“Chasing me around the coffee machine is a type of workout isn’t it?” Image via Instagram @ladyjuliamorris.

Sam Wood has taken time out from being professionally In Love, to get back to what he does professionally: Train people. And he’s getting Julia Morris “ready” for the jungle.

“Training @ladyjuliamorris for 28 minutes a day to get her looking sexy as Queen of the jungle in Africa Off to an interesting start ………” Image via Instagram @samjameswood.

Wood’s Melbourne gym — The Woodshed? Noice — is doubtless heaving with new recruits hoping to catch sight of Sam repeatedly lifting Snezana and and her giant engagement ring high above his head. And she’s there, alright:

Video via 28 by Sam Wood

But they’ll also see other Channel Ten slebs, like J-Mo, actually working out.

Between Christmas and New Year. Legend.

Pass the mince pies and let’s all take a moment to rewatch Sam and Snez’s Christmas message: