The new Bachelor once had a 'sneaky pash' with an Aussie celeb.

Meet Sam Wood.

In an interview with Nova radio today, new Bachie Sam Wood revealed a few things about himself.

During a game of “Sam would or wouldn’t” Nova hosts Fitzy and Wippa asked the 34-year-old to admit what he would (or wouldn’t) do in certain hypothetical scenarios.

That Sam Wood – he’s a bit cheeky. Image: Instagram.

This is what we learned:

Sam would go home with a girl after a first date.

Sam wouldn’t tell his girlfriend if her mum had hit on him.

Sam wouldn’t open a text from a man named ‘Gary’ on his girlfriend’s phone.

Sam would choose the footy over a rom-com with his girlfriend.

Sam would not go ice skating with Tania Zaetta.

Wait, what? Where did that come from?

Tania Zaetta. Image: Twitter.

As it turns out, Sam and the former Who Dares Wins host-turned-Bollywood star are acquainted.

While he hasn’t had a “relationship” with Zaetta, the Nova boys pressed the subject and found out the pair may have shacked up some time ago.

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“I might have had a little bit of a pash once upon a time… at a little bar in Melbourne,” Sam said.

Tania chimed in later with an equally elusive response.


Watch the full clip here: 

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