A 'fan' tried to criticise Bachelor Sam Wood's parenting. He was having precisely none of it.

Just over a month ago, former Bachelor Sam Wood and his fiancé, Snezana Markoski, welcomed their first child together.

It was the nation’s first Bachie baby, and to say we were excited is quite the understatement.

The 36-year-old fitness entrepreneur and personal trainer was elated, sharing that he had, “fallen in love with the most perfect little girl” as soon as Willow Wendy Wood was born.

“I also haven’t been able to stop crying,” he shared.

Yesterday, five-week-old Willow proved she was daddy’s little girl by making her debut at the gym.


“This girl can lift!” the creator of fitness program ’28 by Sam Wood’ shared on Instagram.

But there was one photo in particular that had some fans a little concerned about how appropriate it was to have a tiny baby surrounded by heavy lifting and fitness equipment.

In one photo, Willow is seen lying on a weight lifting bench, with the caption, “What do you bench?”

What do you bench?

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Some fans were quick to label the pose as unsafe.


“This is so dangerous,” one fan wrote, while another added, “it looks really unsafe.”

But Sam Wood was unfazed by the criticism, shutting them down in the best way possible: with humour.

“Don’t worry she warmed up properly,” he joked.

Others were quick to defend Willow’s pose, arguing that a baby of her age wouldn’t be able to move or roll off the bench.

“You are aware new borns don’t move much right?” one woman wrote.

“I’m pretty sure she wasn’t left there all day. It’s a cute photo, leave it be.”

“Also pretty sure they didn’t take this photo from 3 metres away,” another commented.

“Everyone loves their children more than anything… I’m pretty sure no parent would go out of their way to be dangerous.”

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In fact, Sam’s own shadow can be seen in the image, proving that he was as close by little Willow as he could be while capturing the snap.

According to, infants usually do not begin showing signs of rolling on their own until three months old.

It’s recommended that parents never leave their children unattended and be extra vigilant as soon as a baby shows any signs of rolling or moving on their own, especially on elevated surfaces.

And no doubt, Sam was doing exactly that.