The conversation about Sophie Monk's boobs that made every woman in Australia cringe.

For all The Bachelorette does in providing bi-weekly entertainment into the life and times of people we don’t know, and perhaps never will, occasionally, it can shine a light on something that, well, means something.

Take Thursday night’s episode as an example, where women across the country collectively recoiled thanks to Uncle Sam.

Sam, bearer of the messy man bun that should never have been, has confidence. Confidence is fine. However, on Thursday, confidence became cocky and no one, not even Sophie Monk, was about it.

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Sam and (the particularly loveable) James joined Sophie for a group date. James was dressed as Friar Tuck (!!!), Sam as Robin Hood. That information isn’t critical. I digress.

Sam was posing with Sophie, her back leaning onto his front. He looked down her top. Because women have boobs and they must be looked at, at once!

The conversation went as follows:

SAM: “This is way better than Jimmy doing this…”

SAM: “I just looked at Sophie’s cans… I’m sorry!”

SAM: “I’ve got a view here.”

SOPHIE: “Can you please stop saying that.”

SAM: “I’ve been in a mansion with men for a week, and you’ve got boobs.”

JAMES: “Hey hey hey hey. I’m a priest, you’re not allowed to talk like that.”

Image: Channel 10.

It was the most simple of exchanges, but in the space of just a few seconds, we were able to clearly separate to men from the boys.

The boys are often nice one-on-one. Put them in a group setting? They start to play up for the cameras, the people, the blokey culture of a bloke-filled set. They make the jokes the think the people want to hear. But it's all in jest, of course.

The men? The men are quiet, not annoyingly self-righteous. They are subtle in their stance, but self-confident in their claims.

The men don't need to crack jokes, at the expense of some boobs and a woman, to get attention.