Sam asked Bachelor Blake and Louise if they were an item and they said...



We can’t not update you on this.

We heard last week that Bachie Blake and his third favourite Bachelor girlfriend Louise have actually become an item.

New Idea ‘confirmed’ it.

In his evasive, politician-esque way, Blake didn’t deny it, but didn’t not deny it (DOUBLE NEGATIVE TWO).




So good ol’ Sam Frost, of ‘proposed to and then publicly dumped’ fame, messaged her ex-fiancée Blake and her good friend and fellow contestant Lipstick Louise to ask them about the rumours.


Which is Bachie Scandal #1625 (probably).

25-year-old Sam told Daily Mail Australia that she had texted both Blake and Louise. “I messaged both of them on Friday and I was like ‘guys, you gotta let me know, are the rumours true?’ And I haven’t heard back from either of them.”

“I hope it’s not true…until the day they actually leave together as a couple, then I’ll deal with it then, but I’m still kind of hoping that it’s just rumours.”


Sam told Famous Magazine that “there are parts of me that still love the person that I thought he was.”

If Blake and Louise are an item, then good for them.

But poor Sam. She just can’t get no answers.

Only double negatives.



Sam is looking good on Instagram:


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