Think Sam and Snez's baby news was spur of the moment? His Facebook plan says otherwise.

When Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski announced their pregnancy news on Sunday, social media couldn’t quite deal. It was too much all at once.

Within a couple of hours we learnt that the couple were not only expecting their first child together, but that they were also expecting a girl, who many fans pointed out should probably be named Rose. Or Osher. Or Lana (jks, definitely not).

Once we processed the fact that our first Bachelor baby is only a few months away, however, we started to unravel the genius behind the announcement.


It all started with a post on Sam Wood’s Instagram, with the caption: “Snez a) has just eaten a bowl of pasta bigger than her head, b) can’t do up her pants, c) is having a BABY!!! d) all of the above,” and dear GOD we knew the answer was d.

But it was clear this was not a last minute, ‘oh, by the way, we’re having a baby!’ announcement.

It was Mother’s Day. In the evening. Most of us had spent the day with our mums, only to return home to put some much needed energy into Instagram stalking. Everyone was online. We all needed some escapism after spending the day with our families. I’m sure Sam and Snezana knew this. 

So not long after Sam’s announcement, Snezana posted a photo to her Instagram, writing, “we’re so excited to be able to let the world know that our little family of 3 is soon to become 4. Sam James Wood you are going to make an incredible father”.

The image was a stunning professional photo of Snezana and Eve taken by Vicky Papas Vergara, a fine art portrait photographer.

It would’ve taken several days, if not weeks, for the photographer to organise the photo shoot, edit the images and send them to Snezana.


Finally, Sam Wood shared another post with his fans. “Eve is going to make the best big sister,” he wrote, “and [has] many questions about whether she is going to have a little brother or sister. Head to the 28 by Sam Wood Facebook page to find out!”

Of course, we all did. Because baby, but also gender. On his business page, Sam wrote that his family would soon consist of “me and my 3 girls,” and shared a video of himself and Snezana announcing their baby news.

So many steps. So much planning. Such strategy.

Sam directed his followers back to his business to share something they (without a doubt, 100 per cent) wanted to know. And it was very, very clever.


While the couple could’ve easily sold the announcement to a magazine, they instead chose to do all the publicity themselves – ultimately putting the attention back on Sam’s business.

This is Kardashian-level genius.

Snezana explains how life has changed since she and Sam moved in together. (Post continues after audio.)

The series of posts – and the perfection of them all – suggests Sunday night’s announcement was very, very pre-planned. And props to Sam and Snezana. It would’ve taken some serious self-restraint to not accidentally share the news, and how Eve didn’t tell her school friends, who would then go on to tell their parents, who would then tell their friends, is entirely beyond me.

What Eve has proven to us time and time again is that she is the secret keeper we all need in our lives.

Having this announcement in the works probably meant that Sam and Snezana have been incredibly careful in the last few weeks not to give the news away. A deep dive of Snezana’s Instagram shows that a majority of her recent photos have her pictured covering her belly. It’s so subtle, however, that we didn’t genuinely notice it until we learnt there was a baby in there.


In recent weeks, she’s been frequently pictured in black, loose-fitting clothes. The couple also didn’t make an appearance at the 2017 Logies, despite the fact that other Bachelor success stories Tim and Anna and Georgia and Lee were all in attendance.


I think we can all agree it would’ve been far, far harder than it looks.

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