Sam Frost issues a stern warning for all men using social media.

Radio host and former reality TV star Sam Frost does not mince words when talking about social media and the expectations she has around male etiquette.

Issuing a stern warning to all male users of Instagram on Friday, the 2Day FM breakfast radio host said she’s sick of men following “hot naked chicks” on the photo platform.

“I hate it,” she continued. “I hate the excuse, ‘Oh everyone’s doing it.’”

Frost on holiday earlier this year. Source: Sam Frost Instagram

The admission from the former Bachelorette came following a female caller discussing the issue on air, saying she needed to vent about the social media trend.

Clearly feeling the same way, Frost continued: "I'm sorry is everyone dating me? No, so stop following them, stop liking their pictures. Dudes and Instagram... get you shit together."

Sam Frost on Instagram. Post continues...

No stranger to social media, Frost opened up about the bullying and harassment she'd received online in recent times, telling co-host Rove McManus last month, “It got to a point for about three or four months that I would come to work, and go home.

“I wouldn’t even want to leave my house, I was so in an awful place, I was in a really, really dark place. I’d shut my friends out, I’d shut my family out. I’d come to work, and go home, and I’d stay shut in that dark horrible place.”

Sam with Sasha and dog Rocky. Source: Sam Frost Instagram.

Frost also admitted that telling boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek about how she was feeling was ultimately the best thing that could have happened to her.

“I said to him, ‘I don’t want to be here anymore. I don’t want to wake up everyday anymore. And it wasn’t until I said that out loud, because I’d just been bottling it all in, and I saw the helplessness in his face, and I realised it’s not fair for me to want to give up.”

Despite the recent hardships, Frost remains active on social media, flipping the bird to trolls and those who follow countless "naked chicks" on Instagram alike.