Sam Frost just posted her best throwback pic yet.

Sam Frost is usually the definition of laid-back Aussie glamour — but she’s just shared a new throwback pic proving she was once a dorky school kid just like the rest of us. (What a relief.)

The 27-year-old 2Day FM co-host on Friday posted a snap from her school days on Instagram. In the adorable picture, which appears to be from late primary school, the Bachelorette star’s hair is pulled back into a low ponytail with two strands dangling freely around her face — a trademark ‘do of the 1990s.

“Man I thought I was so cool,” she captioned the photo “Those ‘fringey bits’ MUST be dangling on the face at all times!!!”


The sweet photo was liked 12,000 times within just a few hours, and her Instagram was flooded with nostalgic responses from followers who could relate to her oh-so-chic-in-1998 sports-uniform-and-ponytail-strands look.

“That’s so adorable fro! The fringe was happening at my school too,” wrote@katieannepearson.

“All 90’s kids had those bits,” chimed in @traceylouise83. “Remember ‘antennas’ haha was so cool at the time,” @manda_sullivan@carmen___x added.

Others simply remarked on how darn cute Sam was in her school days — which TBH is a fair point because that cheeky grin and those ice-blue eyes are pretty striking, despite the “antennas.”

It’s not the first photo Sam has shared of her younger years lately.

Just a week ago, the radio star posted another image of the teenage years on Instagram, jokingly inviting her followers to “meet teenage Sam.”  


Sam proudly showed off her braces in that snap, even though her caption reveals she had a “mouth full of painful ulcers” at the time.

She also said she’d only “just discovered tweezers” when the snap was taken, and “spent the next five years with no eyebrows.”

You’ve gotta love her honesty: we all have photos like these stashed away in an album somewhere under our bed (side note: remember physical photo albums?) and for most of us, the last thing we’d want to do is publish them online for the whole wide web to see.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, given that Sam has previously posted several make-up free selfies to inject a bit of #realtalk into the usually glossy, polished world of Instagram.

“What you see in magazines and on TV is the result of hours in the makeup chair,” she wrote next to one such image.



“I feel very flattered when young girls comment on my photos or send me DMs about how much they look up to me and they want to be as pretty as me. Which is so lovely and adorable,” she added.

“But this is the every day me… no filter, no edits, dark circles, messy hair, break outs, uneven skin tone. And I wouldn’t change anything about myself!”

Just another reason to love the bubbly reality-host-turned-TV-star.

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