Sam Frost has a compelling theory about The Bachelor finale.

Having competed as a bachelorette in 2014 and been head Bach Queen herself in 2015, it’s fair to say that Sam Frost would definitely know a thing or two about how things really go down in the Bachelor mansion.

And after a tumultuous episode last night, the morning radio host shared some pearls of wisdom to help us guess who may come out of this season with Richie’s heart.

Posting to her Twitter account on Tuesday, 26-year-old Frost explained, “It’s safe to assume anyone Bach girl posting on social media or updating their profile doesn’t “win” the Bachelor #processofelimination”.

We’ll give you a minute while you go through Instagram and cross reference who’s still in the house and who’s been posting (hint: Keira has been).

Frost also went on to share her thoughts about Wednesday night’s episode on Facebook, offering words of support to Megan, whose shock (not really all that shocking because we all knew about it) departure made waves throughout the house and saw the newly introduced intruders wondering what the hell they’d wandered into.


It's as though it were yesterday. Source: Channel 10 / The Bachelorette

"Mad respect Megan!" Frost began her post. "Such a genuine chick... Good on her for calling B.S!!! oh and producers please show more of Nikki & Olena... Nikki seems super down to earth and normal. I'm pretty sure everyone would love to see her shine more #TheBachelorAU".

Having met on The Bachelorette last year (who could forget when they dressed up as old people and Richie break danced to a crowd of senior citizens), Frost has been vocal in her support of Richie's quest to find true love.


"Aha..ha ha. Ha. Oh what is this fresh hell?" Source: Channel 10 / The Bachelor

Following the announcement that he would be "the man" of 2016, Frost told listeners of the Rove & Sam Show  “if you want to get your claws into Richie, you better not be one of those opportunists.

“You better be doing it for the right reasons. You better be doing it because you think, ‘You know what, I really want to fall in love’.”

It's all smiles and laughter until you mess with Richie. Source: Instagram / Rove & Sam

“Because guess what, when you’ve done your little radio interviews like every Bachelorette does, when you come into the little S Fro studio, I’m going to grill you,” she continued.

“I’m going to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons, you actually genuinely like him and you’re not just doing it to try and benefit off it, boost your profile.”

How many scalps Frost has collected so far, we're not sure.