Sam Frost was forced to defend herself on all fronts yesterday.

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Sam Frost can’t catch a break at the moment.

On The Bachelorette she could do no wrong, but back in the real world people haven’t been quite so, well, nice — particularly when it comes to her performance on the Sam and Rove breakfast radio show.

Exhibit A: “She doesn’t have the radio skills. She is a sweetheart and a lovely thing but they will keep blaming people until they realise [low ratings] keeps happening,” said Kyle Sandilands recently on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.


Last night at the Myer Autumn/Winter Showcase, the new-to-radio Frost defended herself against the recent criticism.

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“I’ve got a great team around me as and as long as Rove’s got my back and I have fun every day, I can’t complain,” she told the Daily Mail.

Classy and unapologetic. Frosty, this is why we love you.

While both her boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek and co-host Rove McManus have been on hand to defend the 26-year-old on the topic, unfortunately it’s not the only nasty criticism she’s had to face recently.

In a comment on Instagram that has since been deleted, a follower made a rude remark questioning Mielczarek’s attraction to Frost’s appearance and outfit choices — to which Frost swiftly responded with some home truths.

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"Well lucky Sash doesn't give a sh*t and loves me for me. He's had the high maintenance 'perfect pretty girl' before and absolutely hated it. Plus my boyfriend thinks I'm sexy as f*ck... even when I'm dressed as a 'tomboy'," she wrote.

"FYI - in future, avoid making comments like that. It's rude and based on a lot of assumptions."

There's criticism and then there's just unnecessary rudeness and it's great to see Frost knows when to handle herself professionally and when to straight up call out disrespectful behaviour. Lesson learned: You don't mess with Team Frost.

How do you handle criticism at work?

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