A victory for the common people: Sam Frost drinks instant coffee.

If it’s good enough for The Bachelorette….

I admitted earlier this year that I reckon instant coffee goes alright.  That sometimes a single-origin-slow-drip can taste a bit single-origin-shit.

AND I WAS SHAMED, dear reader. SHAMED for my confession.

Shamed for my coffee habit and not my massive eyebrows. Go figure.

But GUESS WHAT? In a stunning development for the instant coffee drinkers of Australia, Sam Frost, golden girl of The Bachelorette, the woman who can do no wrong, the woman whose idea of cooking dinner for a man is dumping a burnt toastie on a plate and laughing about it ALSO DRINKS INSTANT COFFEE.

Every morning.

With two sugars if you don’t mind.

In a sit-down chat with her new brekkie radio co-host Rove McManus, her boyf Sasha Mielczarek warned that Sam needs her instant coffee every morning.  ‘Do not attempt to talk to her if she hasn’t had her coffee yet,’ he said.

‘Two spoons of Moccona coffee and two sugars’.

Yep. She’s not getting around wearing sunglasses and skinny jeans, clutching a latte.  She’s just ripping the foil off a lid of instant and probably drinking it out of a faded Garfield mug.

A photo posted by Sam Frost (@fro01) on Apr 24, 2015 at 5:26am PDT


The girl of our dreams says no to the beans. Sam bloody loves the freeze-dried stuff. And I love her for it.

For too long, we’ve been seduced by coffee roasted by Tibetan monks from paleolithic activated beans. We’ve been swamped by wood panelling and plants and bicycle parts and mesmerised by moustached baristas with tattoo sleeves.

The cult of coffee has forgotten that some of us just like a bit of Nescafe in a mug. It’s good. It’s not too weak or too strong. It’s always hot, never lukewarm because someone else decided that’s how you need to drink it. And it’s only a kettle boil away.

You coffee lovers can have your slow drip brew, your artisan blends, your trendy blends. We’ve got Sam Frost.

Watch Rove find out some interesting facts about Sam Frost from her S.O. Sasha below.

Video via Rove And Sam