Attention collectors: Sam Frost is an artist now.

Sam has ALL the jobs.

Not content with forging a media career as a breakfast radio host, nor satisfied with having found real, true love with bikie scion Sasha Mielczarek, Sam Frost has now set her eyes on the art world.

The ex-Bachelorette has taken to expressing herself on canvas, much to the admiration of the loyal Sasha.

“My very own Picasso! Very proud of @fro01 for this beautiful piece… she’s becoming quite the artist! #canpaint #sashtag #sundaypaintsash,” he commented on a picture painted by Frost that he posted to Instagram.

Excellent use of colour, Sam Frost! Image via Instagram.

Personally, I’d say Frost is more of an abstract impressionist in style.

Perhaps the passion for painting began after she and Sasha created a three-metre by two-metre painting on The Bachelorette and finished their painting session with a steamy, painty pash. Hopefully the paint was non-toxic.

Watch Sam talking about the painty pash here… Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

It sold for $2000 on eBay, with all proceeds going to the Stroke Foundation.

Frost has not commented on her creative process, but her workstation, complete with inspirational quotes, looks like she took a trip to Smiggle.

Sam Frost’s creative space. Image via Instagram.

We look forward to see what new creations Sam Frost makes, particularly as the early mornings of breakfast radio begin to take their toll on her sanity.

Artist to watch: Sam Frost.