Sam Frost has no time for those 'hot Logies hookup' rumours.

Forgot what you might have seen, read or heard about Sam Frost today.

After hours of speculation and media gossip as to how she spent the Logies after-party, and how long she kicked on for, and in the company of whom, Sam has issued a firm — and clearly amused — statement via Instagram Stories.

Suffice to say, the radio host and soon-to-be Hells Kitchen contestant has no time for erroneous whispers about hook ups with entertainment reporters:

Sam's response. (Image: Instagram)

(Just FYI, John Caldwell is a Channel 10 reporter and entertainment reporter for KIIS FM.)

In more factual news, Sam turned heads at the ceremony in her black Aelkemi dress.

She also posted a few happy snaps throughout the evening of herself hanging out with fellow Bachelor franchise alumni Georgia Love and Alex Nation.

Sam Frost has no time for those rumours. (Getty)

As for the rest of it? Well, a woman is entitled to her secrets.

What happens at the after party is really none of our business, after all.

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