"I just did the dumbest thing." Sam Frost accidentally dyed her hair.

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The DIY hair disaster is basically a rite of passage for any woman who dares to tend to her colour or length without professional help.

Whether it’s a brutally jagged fringe trim, or an experimentation with Sun-In that erred on the side of orange instead of blonde, we’ve all had our stuff-ups — and we’re in good company, it seems.

On Friday, Sam Frost shared the unexpectedly colourful results of an at-home hair treatment. As you might have guessed, the radio host hadn’t expected the product to also turn her hair a bright shade of magenta, but that’s exactly what happened:

Yep.. @fro01 accidentally coloured her hair pink.. ?

A video posted by Rove & Sam (@roveandsam) on Mar 17, 2016 at 2:39pm PDT


Fortunately for us (although perhaps not for her) Frost’s hair misstep was shared on the Rove and Sam Instagram for her many listeners to see.

“Classic old pink hair,” the former Bachelorette remarks as her co-host Rove McManus admires her new look.


One brave commenter asked the question we were all pondering: how, exactly, she managed such a bright colour accidentally.

Watch: Best way to distract from a colour disaster? A beautiful braid. Try this one on for size. (Post continues after video.)

“An incident with leave in treatment for coloured hair. It forgot to mention the treatment was also coloured!” Frost explained.

Ahh, yes. She went into a little more detail on Twitter.

“I just did the dumbest thing. So it turns out ‘Mulberry Orchid’ wasn’t the smell of my hair treatment, it’s the colour. My hair is PINK!!” she wrote.

When a curious follower asked what, exactly, she thought ‘mulberry’ had meant, Frost replied, “I thought it was just a fragrance like Herbal Essence ‘Acai Berries’ conditioner.”

An easy mistake to make, we say.

Sam Frost isn’t the only radio maven to endure a hair misstep in recent weeks.

Mel Greig's been there too. (Instagram)


Mel Greig recently attempted a Gwen Stefani-inspired home dye job, only to emerge with white hair and purple streaks.

“When you’re a tight ass and you try and dye your own hair platinum," she captioned the resulting 'after' shot. (Post continues after gallery.)

The lesson to be learned here? Home hair efforts are risky business.

Oh, and learning number two: famous people really are just like us.

Have you ever stuffed up your DIY hair job?